When you’re confident, it shows. The team at Karen Schwimmer, CPA wants to build your confidence in tax planning by giving you the information and tools you need to maximize your tax deductions while legally reducing your tax liability. Tax planning services from Karen Schwimmer, CPA can help you to keep more of what you make by using outside-the-box strategies including:

  • Accelerating/deferring income to more tax-advantaged years
  • Legally increasing business expenses by paying your minor children
  • Structuring contributions to your retirement account for maximum tax savings now and later
  • Maximizing tax deductions for your type of business entity
  • Funding college expenses, making charitable donations and providing for medical needs

Each Business and Individual Tax Situation is Unique

tax planning services in Golden coEveryone’s situation is unique- shouldn’t their tax planning strategy be just as tailor-made? Karen Schwimmer, CPA works with a team of experienced tax professionals to provide customized solutions for each of our clients’ individual needs. We make it our business to stay up to date on current tax laws and changes to the tax code so we know which strategies we can use to boost your tax savings, maximize your deductions and minimize your current and future liabilities to the fullest legal extent.

Why Should I Participate in Year-Round Tax Planning?

We encourage our clients to participate in our year-round tax planning services as a way to make sure you’re getting every deduction that applies to your circumstances. We offer innovative tax planning for individuals, families and small businesses. Karen Schwimmer, CPA sets out with the goal to understand each client as a person in order to build a unique tax plan that maximizes your tax savings helps you hang onto what you’ve earned. We take a holistic approach to tax planning, and look at the whole picture in order to provide a client with a comprehensive, custom-designed tax plan.

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Tax planning shouldn’t follow a cookie-cutter, paint-by numbers approach . For individual or small business tax planning services that are as unique as you are, contact Karen Schwimmer, CPA today and begin your tax planning!