If you’re looking for someone to prepare your S Corporation Tax Return but don’t know where to start, here are five reasons you should schedule a call with Karen Schwimmer, CPA for your S Corp tax prep today:

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You didn’t start your business because you wanted to be a tax expert

Karen did! As a Certified Public Accountant and Enrolled Agent Karen has the experience and knowledge to address your tax preparation issues. She specializes in business taxation for S Corporations and their owners and spends more than 40 hours each year learning about new tax laws and how they affect your return.

Taxation of S Corporations can be complex. You may have lots of questions and are not really sure if you are doing this right.

S Corporations have unique tax considerations. Karen specializes in tax preparation for S Corps so you can be sure you are getting expert advice. She can answer your questions, make the difficult concepts easy to understand, ensure your return is prepared correctly and help you take advantage of every deduction you are entitled to.

You don’t understand why you owe so much money, what you can do to reduce your tax burden and if all the deductions you want to take are allowed.

Treatment of tax deductions depends on entity type and how you structure these deductions throughout the year. Maximizing deductions requires careful analysis and planning. Karen understands the tax laws and how your company can utilize every deduction available to you. She works with clients year-round to provide tax planning services so business owners can maximize tax savings.

You need more than just a tax return. You need guidance year-round as you are making important business decisions.

Karen is available year-round and encourages frequent communication, so you make the best decisions for your company and family. She provides expert advice when you need it so you understand the rules, stay in compliance and maximize your tax savings.

As a business owner, you have a million other things to do.

Karen’s focus is solely on helping S Corporations maximize tax savings, manage growth and stay in compliance. There is no substitute for the expertise and knowledge that comes with having a licensed, professional prepare your S Corp tax returns. Karen takes the guesswork out of tax preparation so you can concentrate on running a successful business!

Tax season is starting! Schedule your phone call with Karen today and see how she can help your business with S Corporation Tax Preparation this year and in the future!

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